Christian Life Coach

Stuck? Need Career Coaching?

Have you ever thought about seeking help like career coaching? It might be more common than you know, and many people from all walks of life turn to these types of vocational services for guidance and support. As a Christian life coach Gail Armatys also offers career coaching. Many sources of wisdom, including primarily God's word, advises us to seek wise counsel before making any major decisions.

As a Christian life coach, Gail Armatys opens her doors and her heart to those seeking career coaching and offers that kind of counsel, direction, and support. Those who turn to Gail will also be led on a spiritual expedition of sorts to find their true calling and purpose. Yes, this is career coaching, but it starts with a resource and leadership that is far above our own.

Career coaching is also about more than helping people during a job-loss situation or refining their work skills. As a Christian life coach, Gail Armatys helps incorporate and align careers with the callings people have in their lives. What is your purpose? What are your gifts? These are the kinds of questions that Gail helps her clients to answer, and seeking that higher source for help and guidance is where she begins. Then she applies her own gifts and callings to teach, lead, and support her clients.

Are you a woman seeking career coaching that is rooted less in the secular and more in the spiritual? Would you be interested in talking to a Christian life coach? Then Gail Armatys would love to talk to you. Contact us to learn more about Gail Armatys and her career and life coaching services, and let's talk about your life and career today.