Select Your Coaching Option

  • Signature program, Your HeartSong Journey, as a 1-1 coaching experience.

  • Signature program, Your HeartSong Journey, in a small group coaching experience. 

  • Individual coaching sessions. 


Your coaching sessions include introspective and thought-provoking questions, assessments, doable action steps right for you, accountability, and practical practices you can apply immediately. 

Embrace Your Identity and Worth


This coaching option is jam-packed with tools that will help you discover and increase your confidence and



Discover your strengths, unique personality, preferences, and your

gifts & talents.

Learn the value you offer and the difference you make.

Grow in assurance, certainty,

and conviction with help from a variety of resources including professional assessments.

  • Personal or Group Coaching Sessions - 60 minutes each

  • 1 Month

  • 3 Sessions per month

  • Virtual Coaching Sessions (Zoom)

  • Your HeartSong Journey Reflection, Clarity, Direction 

  • Life & Personality Assessment Tools, Review, and Application 

  • Email follow-up and Text Access Throughout

  • Join private Facebook Community of Christian Women Living on Purpose

Experience Breakthrough


Your second option helps you define and overcome what holds you back. You begin to uncover and stand firm against the mindsets, triggers, worries, fears, and lies that keep

keep you stuck, stressed, exhausted, and dissatisfied.

Learn strength-building strategies to prepare for and guard against temptations, thoughts, and habits that keep you stuck and stop you from living true to who you are and what you’re called to do.

Reclaim and maximize your time and increase your peace and life satisfaction. 

Define what’s most important

and what needs to go so you can

make room to enjoy life with

more energy and peace.

  • Personal or Group Coaching Sessions - 60 minutes each

  • 2 Months

  • 3 Sessions per Month

  • Virtual Coaching Sessions (Zoom)

  • Your HeartSongJourney 

      Reflection, Clarity, Direction

  • Life & Personality Assessment Tools, Review, and Application

  • Learn and Apply Life-Changing Mindset Transformation Tools

  • Set Boundaries and Maximize Your Time

  • Discern What Matters Most and Live Your Priorities

  • Break Bad Habits, Add Good Habits and Thrive

  • Email Follow-up and Text Access Throughout

  • Continue to enjoy our private Facebook Community. 

Live Your Dream

and Purpose


Option three builds on the previous options for your fullest, life-giving experience.  Now, you will begin to connect what God has already revealed to you in the previous months about his dreams and greater purpose for you.  

Get answers to your questions about what you desire and are meant to do by discerning your God-given message, casting your dream, and claiming God's purpose for your life. 

Create a meaningful step-by-step strategy to move forward on God’s path for you. 

Gain momentum where you are called. 

Begin living your unique life purpose with confidence, energy, and peace.

  • Personal Coaching or Group Sessions - 60 minutes each 

  • 3 Sessions per Month

  • Group Members Receive 2, 1-1 Private Sessions at anytime during your journey.

  • 4 -Month Commitment (Option One + Option Two + Option Three)

  • Virtual Coaching Sessions (Zoom)

  • Your HeartSong Journey Reflection, Clarity, Direction

  • Unveil Your God-Given Message

  • Cast Your Inspired Dream

  • Claim Your God-Designed Purpose

  • Clarify Your Plan and Path Forward

  • Email Follow-up and Text Access Throughout

  • Continue to enjoy our Private Facebook Community.

  • Receive fifteen percent discount on selected future coaching sessions.

Signature Program 

Your HeartSong Journey

Moving Forward

Private Personal Coaching Sessions

Short-term one-to-one packages help you move forward in the

real-life, daily challenges you may be facing. 

  • 3-60 Minute Sessions

  • 6-60 Minute Sessions 

  • Virtual or Telephone Coaching

Coaching fees range dependent on a client's needs. Connect with me for more information.

What Clients Are Saying...

It’s not possible to quantify the value of working with a life coach because the results are not all tangible. Yet in my work with Gail, I learned tools & practices that I continue to use on a daily basis. Through Gail’s coaching process, I not only developed a very clear picture of God’s purpose for me on this earth, but I walked away with a PLAN for how to live that out in my everyday life.

Amy D.

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