Gail Armatys

Gail Armatys

Christian Life & Career Coach

Hello friend!


My name is Gail Armatys and I’m a Professional Christian Life & Career Coach, a Writer, and Speaker. I authored the book Your HeartSong Journey: Discovering and Living Your Inspired Dream and God-Designed Purpose and I coach, speak, and write on topics related to finding and living one's calling.

I help women break barriers to confidence and better define and experience personal, professional, and life success by guiding them to find and connect with their God-inspired calling. 

If you're stuck or struggling in your work or in your personal life, and if you're ready to risk the change God has in mind for you, you've come to the right place. I'd be honored to help you live true to the Lord, who you are and are meant to be, and do what he's calling you to do so you can influence others and creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life as you go.

My Calling Is To Help You Know
And Live Yours

I'm here to help you live true to who you are and and what you're called to answer God's call on your life. Your calling is your sweet spot. It's is the meaningful and fulfilling life you crave and are meant to enjoy at home, in the office, in your community, or as you work in ministry. Do you:


Feel Unclear About What To Do Next,          


Lack Confidence and Doubt Yourself,

Feel Exhausted, Overwhelmed, Desire Balance and Rest,

Feel Boxed-In, Trapped, Confused or Frustrated, Uncertain What Decision to Make,

Need Direction in Your Personal or Professional Life?

If you're ready to get out of your rut, get unstuck, and realize your potential I'd love to work with you. Apply for coaching by clicking the button at the top of the page. Then, complete and submit the form. I'll get back in touch with you right away!

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My personal Story & Background

My Story

I spent my younger years asking God, Why am I here? While I had a good life and all I needed by earthly standards, I felt a void. As a child and again as a teen, I experienced rejection from friends and food became my refuge. My desire to please, be accepted, and approved made bulimia my response to my  emptiness. 

Through all this, and by God's grace, I moved on from my eating disorder only later to experience the devastation and pain of divorce. It was through this experience that God began to draw me near and I heard the Lord speak to my heart, You have to change.

In time, I realized all the trappings found in the personal life and busy professional career I created were not what God imagined for me. My dream needed to be his dream. He had something else in mind, a better way, and a new path. 

God slowly opened my eyes and began pulling back the layers of self-condemnation, lack of self-worth, negative thinking, destructive habits, selfish ambition, prideful attitudes—you name a stronghold and roadblock to the healthy growth of my heart, mind, body, and soul—it has come up.

For years, God has been encouraging and preparing me to share and help others experience breakthrough, too. It's my calling. And, it would be my greatest privilege to help you grow, know, and live true to who you are, become more of who you're meant to be, and find and do what you're called to do with confidence, too.

With this as a backdrop, you won't be surprised to learn I have a passion for anyone who feels trapped or literally is trapped in their circumstances. So alongside my work, I've served my community helping young adult victims of sex trafficking and mentoring disadvantaged women seeking a hand up in their education, careers, and family lives. 

My BackGround

Before beginning my business/ministry, I was co-founder and administrator of a private college leading and encouraging staff and graduates to successful careers for nearly thirty years. I've been involved in teaching, leadership and music ministries in my church and community. My education and background include:

  • MS, Human Development and the Family 

  • Professional Certified Life Coach, Emphasis: Christ-centered, Biblical, Life Purpose  

  • Additional Studies/Certifications: Divorce Coaching, Career Coaching, Mental Health Coach, Spiritual Formation

My Life Synced To My Calling

I grew up in the midwest and moved to Texas after college. I’m married to my life-long friend, Walter, and our three amazing adult kids, and their growing families who all live nearby. (Yay!) We have two sweet pets: a miniature Goldendoodle named Beaux and a Cat, Callie. I’m in my sweet spot when I’m creating through encouraging and enlightening conversation with a family member, client, writing, or speaking. I’m refreshed by walking and riding my bike, exercising, enjoying nature, and trying new recipes with my hubby while always sharing a good laugh. I can be found happily lingering over my Bible, journal, and a strong cup of coffee in the early morning. More than anything, I love the Lord, the meaning and fulfillment he provides in my life, and continuing to move forward in my calling as my relationship with him grows. 

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I was transformed. My life changed.

So can yours.


You can walk a new path on your personal roadmap and into your calling.


If you, your group, or your organization are ready to move on—if you're ready to know, go, and grow in the direction meant for you, please connect with me. I'd be honored to work with you and help you connect your work and your life with your calling.