• Gail Armatys


I have to confess, stepping into God's dream for our lives is challenging. It takes time and trust.

I began writing the contents for our book (God’s work with and through me) in 2015. It’s 2020. It took five years to write and publish it.

It took this long mostly because the last two years there were edits to be made along the way. Not only edits to the pages but also edits to me. This editing was God's means to bring about transformation of my heart.

Heart Transformation

Heart transformation is always a part of the fulfillment of God’s special and unique plan for our lives. 

There was a period of time when doubt, confusion, and fear held me captive and I closed my laptop and stopped writing and coaching. I felt like I was a failure. But God…

But God in all his goodness did not give up on me or the dream he’d written on my heart. I thought I had submitted all but there were a few things he showed me I'd left hidden. Mostly, I needed to... 

Stop doubting and trust him.

All through this editing process God poured his love into me. That’s just how he is. Every day he taught me as I sought him through his word. And as I invited the Holy Spirit to lead, I trusted his guidance and his voice, and I responded to his love more and more. 

The more I knew him. The more I trusted him. The more I trusted him the more I heard him and saw him work.

Through this time, we—God and I—deepened our relationship. I truly believe there is no one more trustworthy than God. My actions, our actions, as Christian women reveal our level of trust. Our highest trust is not meant to be in ourselves or even others. Our trust is to be for God and the truth of his goodness as he directs us on his good path for our lives.  

The Goodness of God

In July, 2020, Your HeartSong Journey, finally launched. It was God's timing. Definitely not mine. After time passed and my understanding of God grew deeper, he sent me to a friend who referred me to the right people to help me with the book-launching process. After much research I realized I not launch the book on my own. Knowing this, I prayed for guidance.

One morning, I woke up with a friend's name on my heart. We hadn't talked for quite some time but by noon that day, the impression of her name was so great I knew I had to call her though I had no idea why. I quickly realized why as we talked and shared what God was doing in our lives. She ended up connecting me with another friend of hers who authored a book. Later, I reached out to her and she referred me to people who could help me.

No coincidence. God had planned it all long ago. Why would I ever not pray, trusting God to answer and show me the way? Why would I ever not trust God to show me his timing and the way to my dreams?

My friend, will you decide today to seek to know God more, stop doubting, and trust him with all your heart? His love for you is deep and his path for you is good. You can trust him, his timing, and you can trust him with your dreams.

Is there something getting in the way of your dreams that needs to be edited? What if you ask God to show you how to trust him more? What might that do for you?

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