• Gail Armatys


Do you remember pre-Covid19? It’s a bit difficult to recall, but most of us were in a state of constant hurry and rush. Praying for more time and peace in our days. Making mistakes as we hastily moved about and made decisions. Complaining and weary because we rushed into whatever came next.

We lived out the truth, Catherine Hart Weber, PH.D. shares about moving too hastily: Hurry is the enemy of one’s spiritual life and overall well-being. Now, for many of us, the busy life we’ve always known has been suspended or at least altered.

Life has been paused in so many ways.

Maybe you find you have more time on our hands or it could be your hands are unexpectedly immersed in spending time in new and challenging ways. Either way, your task, as it has always been, is to seek God and his purpose for you—even as the life you’ve always known has been paused.

How do we go about finding God’s purpose in the pause?As is usual for those of us interested in Christian living, adopting Jesus’ way is the best place to begin.

Jesus Pace and Rhythm

There are many stories in the Bible of Jesus surrounded by crowds of people wanting and expecting something from him. In his humanness, his body and mind had to have grown weary of life’s constant demands, like ours would have. But in his holiness, we understand he knew exactly what to do about it.

Jesus developed a pace and rhythm to his life by inserting periods of rest. A type of pause. It’s like a rest between notes in the music we love. The rest adds the nuance and richness to the song.

Music loses its power, sweetness, and meaning without intentional periods of rest included.

It’s the same in the life of a Christian woman. Life loses it’s power, sweetness, and meaning without intentional pauses included.

If we examine Jesus’ life lived aimed at his purpose, we see he frequently turned from the needy crowds and his disciples to be alone with God. It’s was in the pause where he found refreshment, gained strength, and instruction. His love for and relationship with God drew him there.

He paused. On purpose for a purpose.

Pausing On Purpose for a Purpose

If you’re anything like me, you need to set reminders on your device to remember to do something. For me, I need to be reminded to step away from my work for a break now and then.

I understand not everyone is like this, but if you are it’s important to be intentional about taking intermittent breaks because as research shows, not taking breaks from work (even if you love what you do) creates stress and exhaustion. I can attest to this.

Now, I set reminders to move away from my work for a time. This purposeful pause brings refreshment, creativity, and insight. It benefits me and those who participate in my work and in my life.

If I am wise, I will use this pause to rest, give thanks, and go to God because his love for me and mine for him draws me there. This, I think is, a way to pray without ceasing.

On our pathway to the fulfillment of our purpose, God allows circumstances in our lives on purpose and for a purpose. Nothing is random. Not even pauses.

What if this pause you may be experiencing today in whatever form it’s come, isn’t so much about what’s going on outside of you in the world or your circumstances, but more about what’s going on inside your heart?

What if, in the end, the purpose in the pause is a call to go to God and find the refreshment, strength, and instruction you’ve been crying out to receive for so long?

What if you were to intentionally take time in your day to step away and ask God who purposed this pause, What do you want me to learn or gain from this experience? What do you think his answer might offer you?

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