What do you think you're worth? I mean what value do you place on who you are and how in the world do you make such a determination?

If you're like most, there are several things you consider as you ponder your personal value.

  • Income

  • Position/Job title

  • Achievements/Recognition

  • Outward appearance

  • Possessions

  • Education

  • Contribution

  • Connections

  • What people tell you and how they treat you

  • What you tell yourself and how and treat yourself

As humans we often get caught in the trap of gauging a person's worth and value based on this kind of criteria, circumstances, and how we feel emotionally at any given time. We don't only measure people around us in these ways. Even more likely and severely, this is how we assess ourselves.

But there's only one true way to define your worth and the value of every other person on your street, in your office and home, and around the globe.

The Only True Way to Define Your Worth

In the beginning our Creator God said: Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us (Gen. 1:26).

Before anything happened in the life of humanity, before we're told anything else about what we're to do, God informs us of who we are. He knew then and knows now how the evaluation of our personal worth and others' would become warped as we do our best to make our way through life.

So in his love for us, God tells us in the first chapter of his Word the truth of...Who. We. Are.

We, you and me, and all those born before and after us, are image bearers of God. Imago Dei.

This does not mean we are God. It means we are created to be like God.

Imago Dei is who you are and it's by this truth you are to define your worth. It's the well from which love for others and for self is drawn. When you know your true worth, no one can make you feel worthless... unless you agree with them. Still, the truth of your worth doesn't change. An accuser can say the words, and you can agree with them and feel badly, but the word of God cannot and does not change.

First and foremost, you are an image bearer of God.

Why It Matters

Accurately determining the truth of your worth—every person's worth—is done by seeing each life through Heaven's eyes. Adopting this perspective matters because it informs us in many ways and brings meaning, connection, and purpose and reveals many things.

Here are a few examples of what I mean.

Believing our worth is founded in the image of God reveals:

  • sanctity of your life

  • the need for self-care and soul-care

  • the dignity of all people, all races, and all ages

  • our ability and responsibility to be creative

  • our ability and responsibility to reflect Christ

  • unity and relationships are important to our being and doing

  • we have been created and called for significant and purposeful work.

Immersing yourself and your days in the truth of your worth transforms your attitude as you do the mundane or the exciting, as you work at home or in the marketplace, and in all the things you do.

If you think and feel like you don't have anything to offer, or if you're wondering what value you bring to your family, your work, your friends, colleagues, and community be intentional to catch yourself devaluing yourself right in to a dark pit of despair. Stop assessing your worth by what you think others think and what outside influences and influencers want you to believe.

Please note, this requires your active participation on your best and especially your worst days. You can do this. You're meant to do this!

Choose each day to see your worth from a heavenly perspective then live out your roles and through your circumstances true to God's spoken word.

You are created in my image. You are imago Dei.

Self-Coaching Questions: How do I define my worth? What difference would it make if I continually and intentionally infused imago Dei in everything I do?


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