• Gail Armatys


If there ever was a time for each of us to answer God’s call to live our unique life purpose surely it’s now. As Esther's purpose came into view she realized she had a for such a time as this moment. You and I do, too. As it turns out, Esther realized, even though she didn't want to accept it at first, answering her call to her unique and impactful purpose was a risk worth taking.

Do You Know Your Life Purpose?

Do you know your why—your purpose? The reason God created you? Do you imagine the dream he put on your heart? It's a big question—maybe the most profound of all. So if you don't know it, it's time. If you do and if you’re not marching forward to fulfill it, it’s time. Time to put on your armor and stand firm in your faith. Time to stir the hearts of those on your path in the given and particular way meant for you and to the glory of God.

If you’re in the place of not knowing why you’re here or the difference you make (two questions I spent years asking of God), then it’s time to realize there’s an answer for you. Your reason for living and the meaning you seek is found in accepting, like Esther did, God’s call and the fulfillment of your purpose.

For me, I began to notice my first response to opportunities to pursue my purpose most often had a 'no' at the end of it. It was knee jerk for me and not wise. My 'no' response was rooted in fear of failure. Then, God taught me more about fear and trusting God. As I read scripture, it dawned on me how frequently God reminds us he is with us. In fact, he gave us the Holy Spirit to ensure we would know we are not on our own. Our purpose is meant to be accomplished, can only be accomoplished, not alone but with God.

Something Missing

There are many successful personal and professional growth opportunities available that teach us how to set goals and find personal success. This can be good instruction and something I advocate for. God likes a good plan and positive, forward momentum. He's been known to set goals for people and once they were accomplished, set another. But in our thirst for success, our accomplished goals for personal growth and achievement can leave us feeling empty. Something is missing...or rather, Someone. Without God at the center of our goal-setting our plans, in the end, fall short and we find ourselves once wanting in the satisfaction department.

Why? Because God is missing. For those who claim Christ as their Savior, pursuing success can only be done with him, his way. This means God can't go missing in our goals and plans. He's got to be our source, partner, and motivation. If you're seeking successmore and meaning, it's about what God's got in mind for your life.

You can follow the science, trends, techniques, and join mastermind groups. But none of us can fulfill our purpose without God. These other things prove interesting and provide insight, challenge, and potential for good outcomes. But if your goal is to glorify, honor, and please the Lord you can't rely on these things without him directing you. You and me...we must trust God and his desire to lead us how and where he has in mind for us to go.

I guess what I'm saying is your determined purpose has to be his. He knows what is best for you, for others, and for his glory. He is your Heavenly Father, Creator, and Giver of all...he gets to decide.

Ready to Risk

What if you took the risk and began:

· Seeking God first in all things asking him to reveal his will and purpose for you,

· Saying yes to the opportunities and people he has prepared for you to help as only you can,

· Discovering and using your Spiritual gifting, your talents, your past experiences and all things that make you, well, you to build others and the church up and mostly to love and honor God?

What if you stop all thoughts of anything but following Jesus into the meeting, job, ministry,home, adventure, or education he has in mind for you rather than what you have in mind for you? What if you quit hiding your faith and risk boldly living it—on purpose to the fulfillment of God's purpose for you? What if you were to risk running into the place where he's calling you instead of running from it?

What would change for you? What would change for those around you?

We only have a short amount of time to say yes to God’s call to purpose. Could it be now is your for such a time as this?

If you don’t yet know your why, you can. It's time. Someone…your family, your church, the country, this world are waiting for you to risk knowing and living it. God, no less, promises it’s a risk worth taking.

Your Coaching Question:

What is your why—your life purpose? What’s the difference God is calling you to make?