• Gail Armatys


My dreams had to be his dreams, the ones he place in my heart.

The couldn't be the ones I thought I should have, or needed for

the purpose of making other people like me.

Stormie Omartian

What is your dream?

Do you have a one? Or have time and circumstances buried—maybe even snuffed out what you used to imagine for yourself?

If you've never really considered a dream of your own or if your dream got lost, dimmed, or stuck in the shuffle of your days or in the pain of life, you may need some guidance in finding, reclaiming, and defining it.

To help you get started, here's the first step to living your dreams.


Cast them!

This is probably an obvious answer to you. But whether it is or it isn't, doing it is what matters. So how do you take the first step of casting your dreams? I'm so glad you asked...

Casting Your Dreams

Casting your dreams, as I describe it in my book, Your HeartSong Journey, is like tossing a net on the lake to catch fish. Rather than a weighted net thrown open over the water to capture fish as it sinks, throw open the door of your mind to the godly thoughts and desires that tug at your heart so you can capture them.

To help you pour what's in your mind through this open door you'll need the right equipment. Instead of a weighted net and a rope to pull your catch in try a journal or simple notebook and grab your favorite pen to use as your tools. Now, my friend, you're ready for some dream casting!

Dream Casting Through Writing

Writing and recording your thoughts is a wonderful and creative way to sort, clarify, and understand what's going on in your mind. This process might otherwise be known as journaling, but some people don't like to journal. So here, for the purpose of dream casting, we'll write.

Find a quiet time and place to be alone and follow these writing insights and prompts as you go.

  • Pray and establish with God that you desire your dreams to be his dreams for you. If you can't say this wholeheartedly... stop. As believers in Christ, our dreams are not meant to be our own... Not my will but yours, O Lord. So if you aren't at that place yet, ask God to show you what's getting in your way.

  • Continue to pray as you write. In this case, think of prayer as an awareness of God with you. If you're a follower of Christ he is with you every day. It's a matter of acknowledging his presence as you go...even as you put pen to paper to clarify your God-inspired dreams.

  • Take your time and begin writing down and expressing every desire for your life. Personal, professional, spiritual, relational, etc. Think of what you're doing as writing a letter to or having a conversation with God about his desires for you. Ask him to give you a glimpse of his dreams for you as you write.

  • Don't edit your thoughts as you write about your dreams. Let your words flow. Include all that comes to your mind.

  • Notice your emotions as you write your thoughts. Which ones tug most at your heart? Why do you think that is? Which ones bring you the most delight and excitement?

  • Describe who God is calling you to be as your dreams are accomplished.


  • Consider which dreams you've written ring most true to how God made you, your strengths, your life experiences, and your passions. Even meditate on how the time and place he's given you to live plays a role in your dream. Include things that have come into your mind you've never considered before.

  • Which dreams offer the challenge of dying to self to follow Christ, bring the understanding you cannot accomplish them on your own, and require personal and spiritual growth...stepping outside your comfort zone? Put a star by these dreams.

  • Take a few slow, deep breaths and write a concise statement answering this question: What dreams has God placed on your heart?

If you struggle with writing anything be assured there is a dream inside you. Spend time meditating on scripture and ask God to reveal what's blocking his dream for you. Is there something he wants you to change or grow within you to make you ready for your dream? Or for some, seeking help to move beyond the pain of the past is required before buried dreams can emerge.

Whatever God reveals is true for you know this...

You have a dream, maybe many of them, written on your heart. God wants you to cast, capture, and live them because he loves you and longs to delight you. And because your dream draws you to him and guides you toward the accomplishment of his purpose for your life in Christ.

Take a step and bravely tell at least one person who will encourage you about God's dream for your life!