• Gail Armatys


No matter how chaotic and out-of-control the world outside and the one in your every day very real life at home, in front of the computer, with the family, and at the grocery store gets you have an assigned purpose. Even now, and I would argue especially now, you are meant to know it and stay on your path toward its completion. Why does it matter?

Here’s why .

Why Knowing Your Purpose Matters

Someone Needs You

You are a beautiful creation imagined and put together by your Father Creator. He dreamed of you, wanted you, and so brought you into being. Check out Ps. 139 to confirm this.

Regardless of what someone may have told you or what you think, you are not unwanted and you are not a mistake. God designed you for his glory. He wants you to express his love to others in a way only you can through your physical makeup, your personality traits, your gifts and talents, and so on. These attributes are not meant to be kept to yourself but are to be shared. Remember Jesus instructs us to "Go." We are born to share God and ourselves with others in the way and on the path planned specifically and uniquely for each of us. If not, what difference would it make for you to be different from me and everyone else he created?

We recently were gifted our first grandchild. Holding her reminds me of how helpless we are as babies. Some of the simple joys she brings are innocence, gurgles, smiles, and love. How heart-filling and satisfying. Thinking of her and babies, in general, reminds me there is satisfaction in knowing how necessary we are to someone. It’s good to feel needed.

It’s like that for all of us. It's like that for you. God put you in a place and time where others need you.

Knowing your purpose matters because someone needs who you are and what you’ve been created to do.

You Are Not Your Own

This may come as a shock to you and seem a little harsh, but you really are not Queen for a Day … or a lifetime regardless of what the greeting cards or birthday mugs may say. You are, however, a Princess, daughter of the King.

You have the rights and privileges of royalty and with that you have a great responsibility to be obedient to your Father, the King. You are to serve those around you in the way he has decided and created you to serve.

This is not fake news! We aren’t meant to be the rulers of our lives. Still, we try. Oh, how my old self desires to be in control! We fail at letting go of our attempts to control and choosing our own paths because we weren’t born to rule our lives.

Our Father, the King, knows what is best for each of his beloved children. You were born to enjoy your

royal position and to love and serve your Father. Honestly, knowing what you know about yourself, would you ever dream your position and purpose is that of a Princess? Can you see, how God's plans for you are best? Oh, how you are loved!

Knowing your purpose matters because you are not your own. You belong to your Father, God the King. Your given purpose as Princess is God’s good will for your life.

You Are Meant For Joy and Abundance

The emptiness and exhaustion you may feel, the desire for more time and meaning, the confusion about how to contribute or get by, and the general sense of disappointment that might run through your mind, body, and soul are symptomatic of misdirected focus away from Christ and his leading in your life.

Ouch! Believe me. Sadly, I write from experience.

None of us were meant to be everything to everybody or ourselves. We experience these futile feelings and states-of-being because we are busy yet wandering in our focus. Our thoughts are confused and often anxious because we tend not to have the love of Christ and the goodness of our God and his will in mind when we think of our dreams and ambitions.

We mostly define ourselves by our roles, work, successes, failures, temperaments, busyness, and causes. But who we really are and what we can and have been appointed to do are so much more than these things. God’s purpose for our lives really is the life we seek most because it requires a focused, loving relationship with God through Christ—the one who gives joy, abundance, and meaning to life.

Knowing your purpose matters because the more you're meant for is found in Christ. He's at the center of your purpose bringing joy, abundance, and meaning life.

These are only three reasons for knowing your God-designed purpose. What other reasons might come to your mind?

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